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"Why I'm Running" - Joe

I’m often asked why I’m running for State Senate. I am running because we need leaders who will make decisions not based on political favor or expediency, but on doing what is right for our citizens. Right now, protecting our citizens, creating affordable housing while preserving single-family neighborhoods, economic equity and recovery, homelessness, climate change, drought, and devastating wildfires are all crises in California that need sustained, focused leadership.

I am a common sense, creative problem solver with a proven, 25-year bipartisan track record of working with legislators on both sides of the aisle to enact legislation. In fact, during my career, I sponsored over 200 pieces of public safety legislation that were signed by 5 Governors and 2 Presidents, and I negotiated the return of over $300 million VLF tax dollars to our local citizens in OC. I also balanced the OCFA budget 3 years in a row after the Great Recession, generated hundreds of millions of dollars in new functional revenue, lowered workers comp costs, pre-funded retiree health care, and offered our firefighters enhanced benefits and services — ALL WITHOUT ADDING A SINGLE PENNY IN NEW TAXES!

Bottom line, when elected, I am ready to hit the ground running in Sacramento. In the Senate I will use my problem-solving skills, my strong work ethic and my integrity to support our citizens, our local businesses and our workers as we strive to restore jobs and rebuild our economy. I firmly believe we can operate within the state budget and identify efficiencies without imposing more crippling taxes on our citizens and inflicting burdensome regulations on our business owners.

People are fleeing our great state in droves in search of a more affordable, better quality of life, but let’s be honest, there’s no place like California. We’ve just lost our way, but I know we can find our way back. I hope I can count on your vote. With your support, we can do this together.

Thank you, and enjoy another beautiful CA day!

- Joe

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